About Me

From my early twenties I started to wonder about life. I asked myself what do I want from this life? what do I want to be? what do I want to have? What is possible? What can I achieve? How low will I sink? How good can I really feel? Why do I act like that? Why did I behave that way? How do I escape from this? How can I help others? How can I help myself? How can I be the best dad? How can I be the best version of me? The list goes on.

I had a good start in education, I took the entrance exam for Bury Grammar a year early and passed. I started well but my motivation and effort I put into my work deteriorated year on year.  I was in self destruct mode and remember going to a party aged 14 and was hospitalized with alcohol poisoning. My behavior went down hill from there and I started to commit petty crimes. My first arrest soon followed and I continued to offend until I received a custodial sentence and spent 4 months in a Young Offenders Institute. This was a wake up call and when I really started to wonder about life. I had reached rock bottom but in the back of my mind I knew I could still sink further unless I took action. My circle of friends was an issue as we all committed crimes and smoked cannabis.

My first step was cutting out those friends, it wasn’t easy but I was lucky in the fact I had some ‘good’ friends that didn’t break the law.

A friend then recommended I see a friend of his for counselling. It helped, I had never experienced a relationship where someone had listened to me like that and encouraged me to think about what I was doing. I wanted to know more and volunteered for a mentoring project and completed an introduction to counselling skills course. It was amazing! I was devastated when it finished and it made me realise that I enjoyed learning and that school just didn’t have the subjects that interested me.

I bought a book ‘Change your life in 7 days’ by Paul McKenna and guess what it did! And I only read half of it, I listened to the mind programming CD for 3 weeks and stopped smoking cannabis. Just like that with no effort.

I was intrigued and needed to know what had happened. My mind had been reprogrammed; it was NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming. I completed the NLP practitioner course in 2006 and then again in 2010. Then I progressed to the Master Practitioner course and completed that in 2010 and again in 2012.

The stuff I learnt blew my mind. I had become a better person, understanding myself better and overcome some emotional barriers. I started to help others and had a lot of success. I enjoyed it too, I liked seeing others be happier with my guidance.

I started working at a secure care centre in 2002 and began to develop Biofeedback Self-Regulation Programmes to help the young people with emotions. I facilitated the programmes and trained staff over 14 years constantly improving my knowledge in the area of relaxation and achieving a calm state in the body and mind. I evidenced improvements in the young people in areas including anxiety, stress, anger, ADHD and sleep.

I trained in Thought Field Therapy (TFT) in 2017. It is a tapping therapy like the more commonly known EFT but TFT is diagnostic and roughly 90% effective and I can back this up with my results. I have been amazed by the speed and effectiveness of TFT and get so much pleasure from helping people remove emotional barriers.

 I recently read the ‘The Emotion Code’ by Dr Bradley Nelson and this has been another significant step in me becoming the ‘best’ version of me I can be. In the book he explains how you can identify trapped emotional energy from negative past events and release it. In other words, dump your emotional baggage. I released over 200 emotions and I have never felt better in my whole life.

My biggest life question has always been what do I want and why do I want it? And it always comes down to the same thing, Happiness. I just want to be happy as much of the time that I am alive as possible. So, what makes me happy? My four children who I  love to bits, my partner whose amazing and my soul mate, adventures and experiencing new things and helping others in whatever way I can.

I feel like I have learnt so much in my life from reflecting on my experiences and all of the effort I have put into being the ‘best’ me. I am extremely passionate about helping people to change and to overcome any emotional barriers preventing them from becoming the best version of themselves and being truly happy.

Please get in touch if you think I can help.