Best Life Programme

The Best Life Programme is focussed on helping you get to the point where you are living your best life!​; maximising your potential and becoming truly happy in all areas of life. The programme is as long as it needs to be but I expect a minimum of 6 months will be required. 

We start by analysing your life and identifying negative experiences that continue to be impacting on your current wellbeing. Then using the latest breakthrough techniques in neuroscience we remove the negative feelings connected to the memories. We remove your emotional baggage from all the negative events that are identified and are causing a current issue. It is a process that I have used on myself and others and I have personally found the effects to be phenomenal. This process can't be rushed and the more eventful your life has been the longer it may take. 


We work on values and beliefs, identifying what is important to you and  the beliefs you have about yourself and life. Then remove any negative beliefs about yourself that do not serve you and we install the desired beliefs congruent to who you want to become. I can evidence the desired beliefs are now true on a subconscious level with applied kinesiology muscle testing. 

We set targets and goals, short term and long term focusing on key areas of life:

   Health (Mental & Physical)

   Relationships (Friends/Family/Partner/Work)


   Personal Development/Growth


   Fun/Leisure Time


You will learn how to become more resilient and develop an awareness of how emotions affect the autonomic nervous system and reduce cognitive functioning. You will learn how to self-regulate and to quickly change a negative state to a desired state optimizing cognitive functioning and ability

I am selective so to participate in this programme, you need to be ready, fully commit to the programme and want significant change.

I will give you 100% for the duration of the programme providing you with a very high level of support and guidance. I will use my unique set of skills, experience and intuition to guide you to become the best version of YOU!