My Approach


I am friendly, calm and confident in my approach and use my intuition to guide me to what a client specifically needs at the time.

Each session combines a unique blend of everything I have learnt over the years and I am yet to find someone who wants to change, that I haven't been able to help. 

I think people wanting and being ready to change, is the most important step in this journey. I will give 100% of my time and energy to help you and want to see you put the work in to create a better version of yourself. 

I will often set tasks or give you self help tools to use outside of the sessions and point you in the direction of books and other self development tools.  

As an NLP Master practitioner, I can easily get to the specifics of a problem, challenge your belief system and help you to break negative patterns of behavior.

Biofeedback is used to teach people how to self regulate their emotions by using a variety of different techniques and them being able to see the effectiveness using Biofeedback monitoring equipment. This has been really effective in helping people with issues with confidence, stress, anxiety, anger, ADHD and sleep problems.  

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is often used in my sessions and is a very effective tool as a I can diagnose specifically which area needs to be worked on and neutralize negative emotions linked to specific thoughts or memories. The feedback  when I use this has been incredible and it still amazes me how quickly it can eradicate problems. It gives me joy to watch people let go of the emotional responses they've had to  specific trauma in their life so they can now remember the event but without the feelings attached to it. 

Anyone I work with will be encouraged to meditate as I believe the benefits are incredible. I meditate daily and feel this is an important part of any daily routine to create a feeling of overall calm and optimal mental clarity. It wasn't an easy path for me and I  have tried many different types over the years and will happily share my knowledge with you. 

I have a very high success rate and pull out all the stops to help people.


           Its my passion.