Emotion & Perception

Emotion and Perception define and control everything in your world. But the good news is you can have a choice. It may be beneficial to read the following twice.

Emotion definition

A strong feeling deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others

If something makes us feel good, we want it.

If something doesn’t make us feel good, then we don’t want it.

But we ARE choosing to feel good or not. It is not the item or experience that makes us feel good. The feeling comes from within driven by our perception.

Emotion is something we are constantly experiencing. We are always feeling something.

We feel happy, confident, angry, sad, excited etc. etc.

We may not always have words for exactly what it is we are feeling but we are always feeling an emotion on some level.

Everything we experience is driven by emotion.

We move towards things and experiences that we feel will give us ‘pleasure’ and make us feel ‘good’.

We move away from things and experiences that we feel may cause ‘pain’ and make us feel ‘bad’.

We are constantly led to believe we need to have THINGS to make us feel good through advertising, the media and television.

Perception Definition

The way in which something is regarded, understood or interpreted

Nothing is good or bad it just is. It is our perception that makes something good or bad.

How we view something based on our values and beliefs will decide whether we think it is good or bad.

Our beliefs and values are influenced by our parents, teachers, television, and the media.

We do however create some of our own values and beliefs.

You may disagree with me and say some things are obviously bad like Murder.

Murder is bad. How can it not be?

Murder just is. it is our perception of murder that makes it bad.

Have you ever killed a fly?

What was the reason you killed it? Because it was irritating you? You didn’t like the sound of it buzzing or the fact it might land on you?

You killed that fly! Is it different to murder!

Did at any point you think of it as murder? Did you just carried on your day as normal and not think about it again until now?

After all it was only a fly and you did a good thing, right? You stopped it irritating you.

If we valued the life of a fly, it would be different, and we may have thought of it as a bad thing and felt bad.

I am not trying to make you feel bad for killing a fly just to understand that it is our perception that makes it a good or a bad thing and the same goes with everything.

Most things in life we are conditioned to think of as good or bad. When we realise this, it can give us more choice regarding whether we accept it or question it.

Our perception affects everything, and I mean everything.

I met someone this week who doesn’t like sunny weather to her that is bad weather. She likes the rain. Someone told me once there is no bad weather just bad clothing. That changed my perception!

How do you feel about the weather? What is your good weather? What is your perspective? Could you possibly change it? Change your thoughts, change your perception, change how you feel about it?

Chicken nuggets? Good food or bad food? I will let you decide.

You can choose how you decide to view most things in your life most of the time.

Your perception affects how you feel. Perception affects Emotion.

So therefore, if YOU can control how, you view things, your perception. YOU can control how YOU feel?

Me and my wife bought a new carpet for the bedroom a few weeks ago and within a day my wife dropped a hot iron and it landed face down melting an iron shaped mark onto the carpet.

I could have chosen to feel angry, disappointed etc. but I didn’t, I accepted it was done, it was an accident and moved on.

The burn mark just is.

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