I had always taken amphetamine socially from being a teenager but working and being a full time, Mum I quickly started using amphetamine to get through every day, spending roughly about thirty pound a week on it.  My partner of twenty years and my family were and still are unaware of my drug problem.

Then I had a dizzy spell at work which led to a panic/anxiety attack and me hyper-ventilating, I thought I was going to die and thought about all the abuse I had done to my body.

Anyway, a few weeks later I was diagnosed with Labyrinthitis, an infection in your inner ear what causes Vertigo, hence the dizzy spells I was having however, and one of the main side effects of this illness was acute anxiety.

After being off work sick for three months, I had suffered more attacks and my anxiety was getting worse I was struggling to leave the house and was taking 12 tablets a day just for my anxiety.  I started to become depressed and couldn’t sleep and spent my days on the sofa.  During all of this on most days I continued to take my daily dose of Amphetamine.

I spoke with Andy in a desperate plea for help.  The day after Andy came to visit my house and I broke down.

Andy was very sensitive and caring but also was very direct with me and explained he couldn’t help me unless I was going to come off the Amphetamine and be honest and open with him, he said unless I put 100% into this, he couldn’t help me.

I agreed and understood and from that moment over twelve months ago now I have never touched Amphetamine or the drugs I was taking for the Anxiety.

Andy came to my house every day that week and we did work on parts integration, phobia’s and anchors, this may all sound odd to some people but the different styles and techniques we used over that week cured not only my addiction to Amphetamine’s but my Anxiety also.  Completely, in fact I signed off the sick sooner than my sick note ran out and went back to work. I also quit smoking during this week as well and having smoked since I was eleven this in its self is amazing.

I can’t thank Andy Kenny enough; he really did save my life.

Andy worked with me to get over a fear of flying.

Through talking therapy and also tapping methods, he found a way for me to be able to regulate my fears and rationalise them.

Since working with Andy I’ve been fortunate to go away many times over the last few years, something I’d previously avoided subconsciously. I even flew to Australia in January, that’s the difference he’s made to my life.

For anyone wanting to smash their fears or address and area of their life holding them back, I’d recommend speaking to Andy.

I know he is constantly learning and supporting people who want to improve. His down to earth and professional approach was fantastic and made me feel relaxed.

Thanks Andy


As a person with complex needs including general anxiety, agrophobia and social anxiety as a result of multiple sclerosis, Andy has helped me immensely to overcome some of my issues. Thanks to the work we've done together, I now feel more comfortable in my own surroundings and can attend hospital appointments and go on holidays which were not possible before. Andy brings a empathetic, non-judgmental view to his sessions and makes you feel very comfortable


Andy was absolutely fabulous at helping me tackle crippling anxiety that was having a massive impact on my life. I have no idea how he does what he does or how on earth his techniques work... but they do! I would not hesitate to seek his help in the future and cannot recommend him enough.


I spoke to Andy regarding anxiety I had about going out, particularly about going out to the social club once a month. If it was left up to me I wouldn’t go out because of my anxiety but my parents insist that I go out with them once a month to the social club.

The thought of going out would make me feel ill and I would feel quite depressed as the time to go out approached. I used to push myself to do it but didn’t enjoy it and it made me feel panicky. I also had anxiety going shopping and would only go out with my mother.

I did some TFT with Andy, it was a bit strange, not like anything I have ever done before but I had an open mind and my mother mentioned she had seen someone doing it on the television. The tapping (TFT) worked really well. I go out now without an issue and actually look forward to it. When I am out there are no panicky feelings whilst I am out. I have found myself going out more and more and I go shopping on my own now. I generally feel quite relaxed about going out and before where I also got stressed about the time, I am more relaxed about that too.


My mum struggled tremendously during my fathers illness, caring for him 24/7 to the extent of almost having a breakdown herself. Andy's support for my mum was invaluable. Life was very difficult at that time for mum, she lost weight, lack of sleep etc. but Andy gave her his limitless time, understanding care, dedicated support but most of all a trusting friendship that has seen her come through this difficult period - she is like a different person today from back then. I cannot praise Andy's commitment and the support he gave mum highly enough -
thank you.


Andy helped me overcome acute anxiety as a result of Labyrinthitis I became unable to leave my house as a result of the anxiety and Andy came to my rescue highly recommended Thank u Andy Kenny


Mentally I feel 100 times better, anxiety levels have vanished, I feel at peace.


After having sessions with you regarding my driving test, the nerves around it & getting away from my negative thoughts, I am so glad to say I passed my driving test and wanted to say a massive thank you for your help and opening my mind to this kind of therapy.